jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

Life sometimes gets boring,
Exciting things are never coming back.
Feel lonely, waiting for a call.
Lay in your room, but flowers never seem to bloom.
Look through a window how time is passing by.
Look at you, look at your eyes you are about to cry

Now is late, everybody left the room
Me and you, all alone
And the Deejay is playing a song
Please, just tell me your name
Or even your age.
Don’t go I want you to stay.
They say I’m an ordinary girl,
But they don’t know me.
I can be like no one else.
Before you cross that room
I want you to know,
I would like to be yours,
Just for a night or even for a life.
Don’t go, sit down
Here, by my side.
I can tell you bad jokes
And laugh at them.
You can hold my hand
And ask me for a dance.

Maybe I’m confused,
And you don’t remember me.
You looked back, you looked at me
I gave you my best smile
And you came to say hi.
I remember your teeth, shining like the sea
In a sunny day, after we swim.
I was crazy about you,
I didn’t mind.

Then we first danced, and sited in the sofa.
Talk about stupid things, and sometimes we singed.
You slowly touch my hair
And stared me
I continue smiling like a fool.
We were so close,
I felt your breathe.
And then, we have our first kiss.

When I returned home, I couldn’t sleep.
I remember you, I remember your words
“Together, forever”
Now, I’m waiting your call.
And bad times never seem to come back.

me inspiró el no tener pc :)

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