sábado, 3 de octubre de 2009

I will be writing about me. Me? When was the last time I wrote, or even talked about myself?
Well, is not usual for me to talk about my feelings, my likes or dislikes and my history; I preffer writing about other people’s lifes, I swear I can do a perfect description of that.
Now I have to turn back my head and start from the beginning… But what about if I don’t know where I belong? what time? what place? there are lots of questions that have no answer, questions that have no luck, questions forgotten…
Could anybody be able to give me that answer? sometimes i don’t know who i am, the place i deserve or even my age.
sometimes i think i’m in the wrong time, in another story, a star from another galaxy, lost in the dark sky looking for someone who can answer my questions, or just listen to them.
but oftentimes i like being alone. i feel connected to myself, and most of people don’t know how to do it. when you can’t listen to yourself, that voice that whispers your thoughts, you are in a big trouble.
the best of being alone is that problems seems to be far away. i know, that’s a wrong idea. a life without problems isn’t a complete life.
so is this the end? no answers, no people around you and no problems? no, it doesn’t work like that. maybe you should look for more questions, take care of the things around you and fight for everything you want. i think that this is the meaning of a complete life, look for everything you want, take care of everything you have and never lose your doubts.

my beginning had just started.

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